Assisting Entrepeneurs

Coaching & Mentoring

Start ups come with all types of challenges. At START UP CEO we help you find the path of least resistance through our own start up expertise and experience. We work together to assist, guide, coach and support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Our aim is to empower you with clarity on the decision making process and take your leadership experience to financial success.

Operations management

The operations of a startup are the heart and engine room of the business and where most entrepreneurs lack experience. We have successfully managed our own startups and advised on several others. We can assist you in all stages of setup from manufacturing, logistics,operations,accounts and all the requirements for a business to run efficiently. See some of our clients below.

Funding & Grants

Most start ups generally need to outsource funds. Equity funding, revenue, loans and grants are some of the ways to fund your business. Startup CEO can assist with your fund raising and can work with you to build your Information Memorandum required for investors. If you have a great product or concept we can assist with investor introductions. You may also qualify for Government Grant funding and this is an area we have over 10 years of experience in.


At STARTUP CEO we coach, mentor and advise new startups by providing tools and knowledge on the entrepreneurial journey to financial success.
Startup CEO's sole focus is to save you time & money launching your business.

The entrepreneurs road map to success has many challenges especially for the uninitiated, under capitalised and inexperienced. Startup CEO can guide you with unique ways to increase cashflow through good business practice and help build a sustainable business through collaborative partnerships and financial strategies. Startup CEO was founded in 2015 by Paul and Sophie Todd who as a team successfully developed several products, negotiated licensing and distribution deals with over $30 million in sales. They have also just recently patented and licensed a new leading technology in medical and health care,launching 2017. They have recently launched STARTUP CEO offering their services by assisting people with great ideas and products on their entrepreneurial journey to success. STARTUP CEO supply coaching, mentoring and advising with general operations, logistics, manufacturing, shipping, product development, government grant initiatives. We also have associates for CFO services and potential investor introductions.

  • Avoid financial pitfalls
  • Develop a strategy that will potentially save you $$$$
  • How to get an ROI without sales revenue
  • Build a virtual team from our talented and successful tribe

Some of our Tribe

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Paul Todd

Senior partner and co-founder
Paul is the CEO of Shadow Boxer Systems, a technology startup now with several products and licenses creating revenue upwards of $30 million. After studying at the Coaching Institute Paul co-founded CEO STARTUP so he could share the knowledge built up over a life time from his own startup experience. Paul has also assisted several other entrepreneurs.
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Sophie Todd

Senior partner and co-founder
Sophie’s unique skill set is diverse across all aspects of business operations. She can implement, manage & streamline the process from manufacturing, logistics, shipping, trade finance and setting up account systems. Sophie has a wealth of experience and success with clients R&D grants over the last decade.


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